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Are you are in search for best area rug cleaning in your city? With the passage of time, the cleaning requirements have become important because of a wide use of area rugs in homes, hotels, and restaurants. It is believed that cleaning an area rug is very important in order to maintain its quality, standard and look. Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn co is a top rated cleaning service in Brooklyn with great honor. Our company has maintained the area rug care and cleaning standards according to the requirements. In order to enjoy real cleaning service, it is recommended to have your rugs cleaned every year or so.

Area Rug Care

Vacuuming your rug weekly will prevent major dust accumulation in the rug and air in your home. If the rug has reversible sides then you will need to vacuum it from both sides.
Spot cleaning your rug will prevent any stains and odors from setting into the fabric.
We do not recommend using DYI products. You never know what the product will do to your rug fabric and look.
Never use excessive amounts of water when spot cleaning your rug.

Area Rug Cleaning and What We Do

Hire Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn co to get the best area rug cleaning with amazing cleaning results for less than other companies. We use our brushing system (shampoo cleaning) to remove major stains and odors from your rug while leaving no chemicals smells or residue.
We only use chemical and odor free cleaning products and in our delicate rug cleaning we use only plant based cleaners. This is another marvelous option for the cleaning of area rugs. Brushing is mostly used to eradicate hairs and get out stain and odors.

We Consider Rug Types When Cleaning

Our experts are always ready to check the rug types before using a cleaning solution. Rug type is one of the most important tools describing the best way to clean it. We have been cleaning rugs for many years and know the best solution to getting your rug free of odors, stains and hairs.

Standard Cleaning vs Deep Cleaning?

We use our Standard Cleaning option when your rug just needs a quick cleaning and is not stained and has no odors. Deep cleaning presents the best results for rugs that have not been cleaned in a long time, have major stains or odors or have just not been maintained at all. We use deep cleaning in order to keep the original look and appearance. In most of the cases this cleaning is preferred by our customers. It is essential to determine whether a rug is washable or not. If the rug is washable then it can be washed using our deep cleaning with specialized detergents.

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Area Rug Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn co is always here assist all of customers with any questions about cleaning their rug. We know that in a lot of cases time is of the essence that is why we have 24 hour, 7 day a week service. Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn co is ready to serve our customers in all aspects of rug cleaning. Our area rug cleaning goal is providing outstanding assistance to the clients.

Rug Pads

We sell many rug pads, many styles for any home and flooring;
Kid Friendly, Non-Slip, Cushion, Waterproof, Jute, Soundproof, Eco-Friendly
Get A Free Rug Pad With Any Area Rug Deep Cleaned, Off Site, Over 9ft x12ft

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